• Motoclub Cremona declines all responsabilities for persons and things on the racing track and the adjoining areas
  • Riders and their companions are kindly request to pay attention to the tracing and to the road signs
  • Riders are allowed to ride ONLY inside the racing track area. Carers if they wish to enter the track must be members of the FMI (FMI insurance) is located inside the protected areas, any other area is prohibited
  • Riders have to slow down in the paddock area and are not allowed to ride in the industrial area nearby the track
  • Please kepp the toilets clean and use the litterbins
  • People who damage Motoclub's structures or behave incorrectly towards the other people will be send away. If necessary police will be called
  • Riders must leave the paddock area within one hour since the track closure if they don't want to spend the night inside the paddock
  • It's possible to camp inside the paddock for the night paying 10 € per Caravan/Bus
  • It is strictly forbidden to use electric ovens. For the electric household appliances you are allowed to use a maximum of 450Watt for Camper
  • If you want to get out after the gate closure you can have the key leaving 50€ as caution money